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NEMA 11 Captive Acme Linear Actuator Motor 11C18S1004HD5-051RS Lead 5.08mm Travel 50.8mm

NEMA 11 Captive Acme Linear Actuator Motor 11C18S1004HD5-051RS Lead 5.08mm Travel 50.8mm

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NEMA 11 Captive Acme Linear Actuator Motor 11C18S1004HD5-051RS Lead 5.08mm Travel 50.8mm


This model is a Nema 11 Captive ACME screw linear stepper motor with a 46mm body length, 1.8 degree step angle and 1.0A rated current. It is integrated with a 4.76mm(0.1874") diameter, 50.8mm(2") travel distance, the linear travel is 5.08mm(0.2") per revolution. It has the characteristics of high performance, long life, low noise and high efficiency.


Electrical Specification

Manufacturer Part Number: 11C18S1004HD5-051RS

Motor Type: Captive

Step Angle: 1.8°

Holding Torque: 0.1Nm(14.164oz.in)

Rated Current/phase: 1.0A

Phase Resistance: 3.7ohms

Inductance: 3.7mH±20%(1KHz)


Physical Specification

Frame Size: 28 x 28mm

Body Length: 46mm

Travel Distance: 50.8mm(2")

Lead Screw Diameter: Φ4.76mm(0.1874")

Lead/Step: 0.0254mm(0.001")

Lead Travel/Revolution: 5.08mm(0.2")

Number of Leads: 4

Lead Length: 300mm



A+ A- B+ B-
Red Red/White Green Green/White


Lead Screw End Machining


Anti-Backlash Nut


SKYSMOTOR provides anti-backlash nut for external lead screw linear actuator (except Size 34) and non-captive lead screw linear actuator (except size 24 and 34).

There should be a nominal backlash between lead screw and SKYSMOTOR standard plastic nut after millions of cycles. SKYSMOTOR guarantees few millions of cycles but physical backlash can be increased. To reduce or eliminate backlash, SKYSMOTOR provides spring pressure structure of anti-backlash nut.




According to application requirements, customer can easily choose encoders via index output or non-index type and thru output method as single ended or differential output.

Also various resolution can be chosen freely for easier and precise positioning.

All SKYSMOTOR standard encoders are optical and incremental. When you choose encoder, please carefully look into options especially size, resolution, index and output method.




Especially Vertical applications or holding motors from sudden power-off status, SKYSMOTOR standard power-off brakes for NEMA14, 17, 23, 24 and 34 sizes will be helpful to reduce concern of customers.


Wiring, Cabling and Connectors


Flying wire leads or connectors

Twisting wire leads

Heat shrink or expandable tubing

Cable housings


Teflon Coated Screw


If customer's applications require greaseless screw and nut combination, SKYSMOTOR offers teflon coated lead screw of stepper linear actuator.

Teflon coated lead screw stepper linear actuator enables it's longer life cycle and better thrust force generation against conventional SUS lead screw.

Teflon coating can be applied in the whole range of lead screw options in SKYSMOTOR and all types of linear actuators such as External, Non-Captive, and Captive.

In addition, Anti-backlash nut also can be combined with teflon coated screw too.

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Electrical Specification
Bipolar/Unipolar Bipolar
Inductance(mH) 3.7
Phase Resistance(ohm) 3.7
Rated Current (A) 1.0
Step Angle(deg.) 1.8
Linear Motor Type Captive
Physical Specification
Body Length(mm) 46
Frame Size(mm) Nema 11 (28 x 28)
Lead Length(mm) 300
Lead Screw Diameter(mm) 4.76
No. of Lead 4
Lead Travel/Revolution(mm) 5.08
Lead Travel/Step(mm) 0.0254
IP Rating 40
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NEMA 11 Captive Acme Linear Actuator Motor 11C18S1004HD5-051RS Lead 5.08mm Travel 50.8mm
NEMA 11 Captive Acme Linear Actuator Motor 11C18S1004HD5-051RS Lead 5.08mm Travel 50.8mm
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